Things that are not happening right now

1. I am not going back to sleep.

I’m not one to throw in the towel easily when it comes to insomnia. After all, I love to sleep. But for the second night in a row, I’ve been up half the night for no discernible reason. A few hours after I shut my eyes, they inevitably open again… then, I start thinking.

Always a bad call.

I’ve now been thinking since 2:30 am, and since it’s past 5:30 am, I’ve come to accept the bitter truth: I’m not getting back to sleep again tonight at all. And I’m heading towards a full 8 hours of reviewing financial statements.

Definitely looking forward to that.

2. I am not sure I’ll survive the first 6 months of home ownership.

When my mind races repeatedly through all the problems it’s trying to solve between the hours of midnight and dawn (at the expense of my sanity, if we keep this up much longer), there’s a common theme:

Since when did I become an amateur plumber/woodworker/general contractor/home depot shopper/painter/sander/tile woman? 

Oh yeah, since the day I WILLINGLY signed up for a 30-year marriage to my “quaint, original, previously-loved” first home.

Is there such a thing as an annulment from a house? Asking for a friend.

I thought this was supposed to be the honeymoon phase. Isn’t that what they call it? I thought I was supposed to be hosting housewarming parties with champagne, a perfectly curated playlist and a manicure. Instead, I spend about every waking minute outside of work (including those I shouldn’t be awake) working on the house or planning what needs to be worked on next in the house.

Unfortunately, manicures don’t mix with patching holes in the floor, removing tile, laying tile, removing carpet, refinishing furniture, carrying heavy things (sidenote: how is there so much lifting of heavy things still happening at this point?), ripping down paneling, patching drywall, cutting holes in drywall or just about anything involved in my first month of home ownership.

Although champagne may mix with all those things.

(I’ll have to try that option and report back…)

3. I am not going on a winter trip to Europe.

True to form, I started planning ways to squeeze in one more international trip this year… in about July. First, I was thinking about Australia, but the cost of those flights is a serious deterrent. So I set my sights on a December/January jaunt through the U.K. instead. I added flight alerts for a variety of cities, researched quaint little towns and BnBs and requested vacation days off work.

Then, I realized how far behind plan I really was on the bathroom renovation.

And how far ahead of budget.

I found myself thinking how amazing it would be if I just had an uninterrupted chunk of time to knock out some of these lingering house projects quickly and efficiently, as opposed to only having weekends and the hour and a half of usable work time in the evenings after fighting the traffic home from my office. I also found myself thinking that it would also be amazing if some extra money fell from a tree about the same time I had that uninterrupted window of time when I as planning to work on the house.

I bet you see where this is going… although it took me a solid month to accept (because I’m stubborn like that): I have an uninterrupted window of time to work on the house and I have extra in the budget to do it.

IF I don’t go on this winter trip to Europe.

So, despite my worries that I’m letting the house change me, I decided to postpone my next European adventure to 2018. Although I’m missing out on a new source of travel content, I am planning to use my staycation to write and give the blog some much needed TLC. I know I have some content to catch up on that has been ignored in favor of my new-house-spouse, but I can’t wait for things to get back to a bit more normal here on the blog… and in my real world too.

4. I am definitely not drinking decaf coffee.

I believe this one goes without saying… but the time has come to fire up the work computer and have cup number one of four. (Or five.) And it’s the good stuff: espresso roast, with enough caffeine to wake the dead.

Which is exactly what I need.

Happy Thursday,

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