Thoughts On Living Authentically and Writing Your Own Rules

Hi, I’m Sarah.

It’s been so long that you might have forgotten me, so I figured I should introduce myself again just to be safe.

August and September were busy months, but I don’t feel like you’ve missed a lot.

I’ve just been working, doing some travel, attending a wedding and… oh yeah!


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My work and travel secret weapon: The 10 Day Trip

As long as I’ve been doing this traveling thing, I’ve been focused on balancing travel with other obligations. In college, I studied abroad during the summers so I could be in town during fall and spring semesters to take my core courses that weren’t offered elsewhere. Since I entered the work world in 2013, I’ve been focused on finding the most efficient way to travel internationally using my limited vacation days. I’ve done quite a bit of firsthand research to figure out how to maximize my time abroad while minimizing my vacation days used. Ultimately, I’ve managed to visit 11 countries while holding down a full time job in finance since graduating from college 4 years ago. So how exactly do I pull this off?

My secret weapon, of course!

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Jet Lag Survival Tips

I touched down last Sunday night in my hometown airport after 10 days traveling through Hungary, Austria and Germany. Needless to say, I was DEAD tired when I finally arrived at my tiny Nashville studio apartment. Fortunately, I decided not to try to do what I usually do and go back to work on Monday morning with the severe jet lag – instead, I took a day of staycation on Monday (and struggled to stay awake the entire day while doing all my trip laundry.)

Then Tuesday morning bright and early, it was back to the real world with a vengeance.

Now that it is FINALLY the weekend, I think my body has accepted the fact that I’ll be staying in the hometown timezone for a bit. After visiting (NOW 18) countries over the past 10 years, I’ve experienced some serious jet lag from time to time… but I’ve also learned how to fight back. Continue reading “Jet Lag Survival Tips”

Travel Lessons Learned: Hostels (Part 1)

I fell in love with travel while studying abroad.

As an international business major, studying abroad was a requirement of my undergraduate degree… and I really took that requirement to heart. I studied or volunteered abroad every single summer during my years as an undergraduate student, and I graduated college having visited a total of 9 countries. While I was studying abroad I usually stayed with a large group of other students at a budget/efficiency hotel or I stayed in a dorm room.

My experience staying in hostels really began after I graduated college. For the next two posts, I’m sharing some of my experiences staying in hostels (and tips for choosing a hostel you’ll love). Check back this weekend for Part 2! Continue reading “Travel Lessons Learned: Hostels (Part 1)”

Austria in April: Back at it Again with the Trip Plans

Since it is officially March (how in the world did that happen?), inquisitive minds everywhere are wondering: why in the world hasn’t Sarah Going gone anywhere yet in 2017?

I couldn’t be more excited to announce that trip plans are well underway… and I’ll be heading to Germany, Hungary and Austria in April!

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First things first: Buy the flight

As long as I’ve been doing this travel thing, I’ve kept a running list of places I want to visit… and the list is always growing. That list generally includes boutique hotels, cafés and exotic new cities I haven’t visited yet. To an extent, I’m always planning ahead for my next trip. So what takes a trip from brainstorm to actual reality?

When I buy the flight.

Flights are generally the most expensive purchase on an international trip, and they drive all your other travel plans. These days, there are a phenomenal amount of online resources dedicated to buying cheap flights, and many of them offer similar features. However, I tend to be brand loyal… and my flight search engine and research tool of choice has always been Kayak. I like Kayak because the interface is clean and easy to use on a computer, tablet or phone. Most importantly, Kayak offers a plethora of awesome (and free) features that will tell you everything you need to know about your flight… and when it comes to saving as much money as possible on an international flight, knowledge is power. Continue reading “First things first: Buy the flight”

Planning a trip to Europe on a week’s notice

Just a few short months ago, I worked on a team that stayed so busy it was difficult to get even a day of vacation time approved. As an incurable world traveler, I felt a bit like I was being suffocated: I didn’t see a light at the end of the busy season that would result in me or anyone on my team being able to get a consecutive week of vacation days, and my brand new passport’s complete lack of stamps was keeping me awake at night.

When the time came to prepare to start my new job in Nashville, I knew that I would need to work for several months there prior to taking any big trips abroad (to learn the new position and also not be that girl who pawns her work off on teammates and jets off to Europe before anyone even knows her name).

So I did what any sane globetrotter in my position would do: I put in 2 weeks notice at work and planned my start date at the new job for 3 and a half weeks out.

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