Why Visit Vienna?

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m London girl, through and through. If there is one city in the world that I’d love to end up in long term (or short term, or just for my fifth visit and counting…) it is London.

That being said, there is another European city I’d happily end up in long term, short term or just for another visit… and I don’t see it mentioned on blogs as often as other European travel hubs.

So I think it is time to change that. Continue reading “Why Visit Vienna?”

Brexit, the U.S. Election and “The Way It Used to Be”

If you know me well, you know what I’ve been doing since the Brexit vote: reading every article, watching every video and listening to every podcast that I can get my hands on.

Needless to say, I’m worried.

I’m worried because London — the city where I eventually want to attend graduate school, the city I credit with my love of travel, one of my favorite cities in the world — may never be the same again after this vote. Continue reading “Brexit, the U.S. Election and “The Way It Used to Be””