The Future of the Sarah Going Blog (and the March Blogging Challenge Recap)

Well folks, I’m happy that it is April.

I’m mostly happy because I’m taking my first trip of 2017 this month… to Austria, Germany and Hungary! But if I’m being honest, I’m also happy because the March Blogging Challenge, which was indisputably a failure, is finally over.


Failure or not, I learned a lot from this Challenge. Most importantly, I learned what I want this blog to be… and what I don’t want it to be… as I enter Year 2 of the blog life here at Sarah Going. Continue reading “The Future of the Sarah Going Blog (and the March Blogging Challenge Recap)”

The March Blogging Challenge

March started with a bang here in Nashville: rain, heavy winds, hail and tornado warnings. Maybe March is as shocked to be here as I am that it is already here. Seriously, where did February go?

Despite feeling like the beginning of this year has flown, I have been making progress on most of my goals in the first two months of 2017. However, there is one particular resolution on the 2017 list that hasn’t been getting the attention it deserves: my resolution to build a web presence that makes me proud. While this goal encompasses some smaller social media-related tasks that I do want to accomplish this year, the largest component of this goal is to make sure I’m consistently creating and sharing content here on the blog.

Since my most recent post was written on the first of February (aka A MONTH AGO), you can see how well this is going so far… Continue reading “The March Blogging Challenge”

An Introduction to My 2017 Bullet Journal

What in the world is a bullet journal anyway? If you are asking yourself this question, please know that a month ago I was asking myself the same question (which should imply that these journals aren’t nearly as hard to understand as they look). Check out this intro to the Bullet Journal by creator Ryder Carrol to get you started… then, read on for some ideas from a newbie Bullet Journaler. Continue reading “An Introduction to My 2017 Bullet Journal”

Happy 2017: A year in review and new resolutions

Three years ago now, my two best friends and I decided to have New Year’s Eve dinner at Desano in Nashville, TN. After too many carbs and plenty of champagne, we jotted down our 2015 resolutions on our phones and on napkins. From that first champagne and pizza dinner, a Nashville NYE tradition was born.

This year, I’m happy to say that we were a bit more prepared… aside from bringing our champagne, we had a camera on hand to take pictures of the festivities and New Year’s Eve cards from Rifle Paper to officially record our resolutions. What can I say? We are moving on up (but we still never turn down pizza.) Continue reading “Happy 2017: A year in review and new resolutions”