Why I’m a Fan of Journaling

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with journaling for most of my life.

As with most things that involve following rules or strict schedules, I suck at writing regularly in a journal. On the other hand, I’ve always liked having a written record of my life to look back on. At some point (which came WAY too late), I finally realized that it doesn’t actually matter if you tell yourself you are going to write every day and you don’t write for 7 days… it’s your journal.

Who is going to know?

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2018: New Year, New Priorities

After reflecting on last year’s resolutions, and reading through a lot of my personal writing, blog posts and other material, I noticed that there was a common theme to a lot of the content: in 2017, I had a priorities problem. It became the most apparent – and severe – after I purchased my fixer upper in September of 2017. Overall, I achieved or made measurable progress towards many of my 2017 goals, but even as I was achieving some of those goals, the lack of balance in my life between different things I consider my priorities was consistently making me feel unsuccessful and unhappy.

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Lessons from a DIY Renovation: Self Care, Priorities and Balance

Over the past 12 months, I’ve learned some valuable lessons. But the past three months working virtually nonstop on my fifties fixer upper have taught me one of the most important: when the way you spend your time doesn’t match your values, everything goes downhill pretty quickly.

After three months of neglecting the things I love the most in order to tear out carpet and tear down walls and tear out tile, I had a house that was coming together as far as appearances were concerned. But I was completely spent: physically, mentally and emotionally. In neglecting my writing, my health, travel and my relationships in order to focus every ounce of my being on getting my house livable, I’d honestly started to forget who I was.  Continue reading “Lessons from a DIY Renovation: Self Care, Priorities and Balance”

2017: A Year in Review

Was it my goal to write a series of year-in-review posts that recapped 2017 in the week leading up to 2018, with a plans-for-the-new-year post to kick off new year? Absolutely.

Did that series of posts happen?

Absolutely not.

Instead, I spent my time in the week leading up to New Years’ Eve getting my fifties fixer upper inhabitable once and for all, so I could close the chapter on house renovation limbo and open a much-needed new chapter in the new year.

I officially moved in on December 29th.

And hosted a party for some of my close friends, complete with exposed drywall and a half grouted bathroom floor, on December 30th.

So even though I’m writing this year-in-review post a bit after the end of 2017, at least I’m writing it… from the comfort of my own couch in my own living room in my own home, which also has a working toilet, sink and shower in the bathroom.

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Choose Adventure

There comes a point in the life of every blogger when they realize that their content has outgrown their organizational strategy… and this particular conundrum came for me in 2017.

For months, I’d been reading and rereading my posts, trying to figure out a way to unite my full-time job in finance with my passions for travel and writing while not ignoring the fact that I just bought a (surprisingly needy) fifties fixer upper that I’m primarily renovating myself.

I was failing at making it all work together here on the blog. Miserably.

Then suddenly, I had an idea…

There is a unifying theme to everything that is going on in my life, and therefore, on this blog:

I choose adventure.

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Thoughts On Living Authentically and Writing Your Own Rules

Hi, I’m Sarah.

It’s been so long that you might have forgotten me, so I figured I should introduce myself again just to be safe.

August and September were busy months, but I don’t feel like you’ve missed a lot.

I’ve just been working, doing some travel, attending a wedding and… oh yeah!


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Year 2 at Sarah Going: A New Look and Better Organization

In the midst of the craziness of these past three months (which included visits to two new countries, a rough month of May and my birthday), one particular milestone went largely unmentioned… the Sarah Going blog turned One! My baby blog is now a toddler, and in some ways, I feel like I’m just now hitting a stride with content creation.

While I did write a reflection post about the first year of blogging back in March, I wanted to talk about one particular aspect of this blog turning One that took me a bit by surprise. All of the sudden, I found myself with a year’s worth of largely unorganized content… and I got massively overwhelmed trying to figure out how to make it easier for readers to find info on certain topics.

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