A Saturday in May: Life Updates

Much like last May, this month has been a whirlwind so far. I’m currently at my apartment drinking mimosas made with my favorite champagne in the world (at least, out of those I’ve discovered so far…) while cooking myself a big Southern breakfast. And all of the sudden, I feel like writing again. Finally. Taking

Choosing the Right Path

Jack of all trades, master of none? Throw a massive cold/flu/virus at the end of a generally difficult month, and I’m waxing a bit nostalgic this week. I’m currently thinking about a question I’ve been asking myself for literally as long as I can remember: with so many paths to choose from, how do we

Fighting Your Worst Enemy

We all have that person in our lives. Before you've truly begun to formulate an idea for a novel, a business plan, a personal goal, or a new blog, that person's voice is already listing all the ways that it could go wrong. The seemingly infinite number of ways that you could fail. The insurmountable