Introducing… My Fifties Fixer Upper

After several weeks of edits and rewrites, I FINALLY published a (HUGE) post explaining where my head is with the whole travel-blogger-who-now-has-a-mortgage-and-a-permanent-living-situation thing. Quick summary: my head is all over the place. While you should check out that post for more insight into my decision to buy, I didn't get to talk much about the

Why Visit Vienna?

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m London girl, through and through. If there is one city in the world that I’d love to end up in long term (or short term, or just for my fifth visit and counting…) it is London. That being said, there is another European city I’d happily end

A New Take on Nashville

Something new is happening here at the Sarah Going blog. Along with a bit of a design overhaul (which was primarily focused on trying to make it easier to find content around here), you may have noticed we’ve got a new top-level menu topic. Nashville. (Yes, you read that correctly.) Learning to Live in the